Blog 17

I’m Not really facing any problems with any of my comp but I’m very happy with the way that they are turning out and can’t wait to see how the final product turns out when I submit it again for a grade. I plan on taking my time with these two comp because I already know what I have to fix and the things that I have to change.

P.S It’s the same thing as Blog 16




Blog 16

I’m not really facing any trouble with what I want to submit for my final portfolio.  The compositions that I want to revise only have small mistakes that I have to fix. The comments that I received is what I am fixing to make it better than it was originally. I plan on making comp 2 or colorful with lots of pictures of what I’m trying to portray and for comp 1 I’m going to be adding a lot more examples

Blog 15

Well I already started revising composition 2 because their wasn’t that much revising to do with that but to add and explain but with composition 1 theirs a lot of work that has to be done but I know if I I’m able to start at a stable paste than I would be good with it. I plan on fixing something everyday if I can until I know that I’m in the clear of submitting it for my final grade. So I’m excited to see the paste that I am going and I’m not rushing it either

Blog 14

The two compositions that I plan to revise for my final portfolio is probably composition 1 and 2. I don’t really have a reason on why I want to revise them but I loved doing both of them I especially had fun when I was doing composition 2 because all the quotes and songs that I put were very touching to me in my heart and for composition 1 it was a let go of all the negative things that most people thought of me so it’s like a haha in their faces.

Blog 13

For composition 4 I had to scrap my whole original idea to a whole new one which I like very much because I think its very true of how social media as an affect on teens today and how we are pressured into doing something that we might or might not do. I’m finding a lot of new research on why social media is influencing young ages and I’m finding a lot of interesting research on it which is really surprising.  The old research wasn’t quiet working out like I wanted. The reason it changed is because the one I’m writing down sounds more interesting than me talking  about the negative side of teen pregnancies but by me talking about  ways on why we feel pressured by the media sex is much more interesting because their are a lot of ways that I could go about it than what I wanted to do originally with my paper. I’m loving the way its going right now because I believe that everyone should read or know how media influences and the way many young ages think when they see things like this and how they react.

Blog 12

In blog 11 I said that I have my claim and what I would like to say in my composition 4. One thing that I’m having trouble with is my body paragraphs. I don’t know what my body paragraphs and what I should talk about I know that I obviously should talk about the negatives about being pregnant when your a teenager and the many repercussions of it by examples that I might use. My topic is pretty easy because I can easily find it on the internet and argue why it is bad etc. Hopefully I will workshop tomorrow and I’ll know how I’m going to go about it than I’ll go from there with comp 4

Blog 11

My argument in Composition 4 is that teens should not get pregnant because there ruining their whole life by having a baby. My audience would probably be high school because its most common and they seem to be the one who experiences it more. The difference between Composition 3 is that it was a blog where I would be telling you my daily life the struggles that I might face being pregnant as for composition 4 I would have more details of what its like to be a teenager and pregnant with facts and statistics of girls that can’t even finish school just because they have to take care of the baby or how most of the baby daddies are absent in most of their lives. Its definitely going to be different because its a baby so it would come together very well and what I actually want to speak on.